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The London cast of Love Beyond The Musical on stage during the opening performance of the musical show at Wembley ArenaPhoto by Hazel Thompson

Love Beyond the Musical takes you on a journey beginning with the joy of creation and life, travelling through the darkness of loss and despair, and finally arriving at a place of new hope and life renewed.


The Story – Act One

In the beginning the world is new. Fresh. Untouched. Full of promise. God the creator unveils the pinnacle of his work, the man named Adam and the woman named Eve. He raises them, shares all he has with them and sets them apart to rule over creation.

However given the gift of freedom of choice Adam and Eve go too far and are tempted to do the only thing God the Father said they must not do. Man’s destiny is changed, from now on all will carry the seed of defiance, of separation. God grieves for his lost love and attempts to win mankind back but nobody listens.

So God the Father initiates a plan to save his people - if they won’t come to him, he will go to them. He sends his only son, Jesus, into the world. After 30 years of secret preparation, Jesus emerges to begin his mission - to bring mankind back to his Father. Will he succeed?

Jesus speaks about his Father to all who will listen. Opening blind eyes, healing sicknesses and softening hearts, he tells the world what the kingdom of heaven is like.


Love Beyond – Act Two

Some hear and believe, but many others are unswayed, intoxicated by temptation and corruption. Disbelievers declare Jesus a renegade and the law puts him to death.

Following his crucifixion, scared and confused, Jesus’ followers scatter. They expected to see him triumph as the king of all authority only to see him fail. What would they do now?

Three days later they have their answer. Jesus returns. His painful death was not an error, a debt had to be paid for mankind’s darkness, and he paid it for them. Standing before his followers, Jesus introduces them to the person of the Holy Spirit, and then commissions them to go to the ends of the earth to continue sharing his message of love.

The final act of God’s plan unfolds. The restoration of all things, the healing of broken relationships and enduring hope for the future. The God of creation stands with open arms to celebrate the greatest reunion of all time.