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A view from the Gods - Behind the scenes of Love Beyond #3

With only days to go until the London premiere of Love Beyond at The SSE Arena Wembley, award-winning photojournalist Hazel Thompson visited the final week of cast rehearsals at The Backstage Centre to give us a unique glimpse behind, or above the scenes of work on the production – literally ‘A view from the Gods’.

A unique view of rehearsals taken from 20m above the ground. Photo by Hazel ThompsonEverything about Love Beyond is big... the cast, the story, the music, the songs, the orchestra – even the venue – so to appreciate this, it helps to get a different perspective. Viewing the action on the floor from 20m up in ‘the Gods’ you definitely get a sense of how exciting the production will look when it comes to life on stage in only 3 days time.

Rehearsing ‘Battles & Chaos’ from Act 1 of Love Beyond. Photo by Hazel ThompsonMeanwhile back on the ground, the creative team, cast and orchestra are working around the clock to get every movement, expression, note and lyric perfected for the two London shows. The hard work is clearly paying off with every aspect of the production looking and sounding amazing.

Dave Willetts as ‘Father God’ in rehearsals with members of the London cast. Photo by Hazel Thompson“The story is epic. The acting is epic. The music is epic. If I had to describe Love Beyond in one word it would be EPIC.”
Dave Willetts, musical theatre legend and ‘Father God’ in Love Beyond

Rehearsing ‘Battles & Chaos’ at The Backstage Centre. Photo by Hazel Thompson

Dougie Carter and Natalie Lipin as ‘Adam & Eve’. Photo by Hazel Thompson

Rehearsing ‘Miracles’ with Paul Ayres as ‘Jesus’. Photo by Hazel ThompsonDon’t miss this unique opportunity to be one of the first to experience Love Beyond The Musical at The SSE Arena Wembley.

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